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Fragrance Oils
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    We at The Scent Supply Co house a wide range of candle waxes in Singapore such as container soy waxes, pillar soy waxes and wax blends that are environmentally friendly. Combine your waxes with fragrance oils, essential oils, wicks, and proper vessels, and you’re on your way to making your very own scented candles that’ll be a lovely addition to any living space. Browse our selection of candle making supplies online, starting with our candle waxes.

    Quick Tips When Buying Your Candle Wax 

    1. Choose your wax type 

    There are a variety of wax types you can consider. Here are some of the most popular options you can go for:

    • Container Soy Wax: Processed from soybean oil, container soy wax – as with every type of soy wax – has a lower melting point, which makes them perfect for use in vessels. The Kerasoy 4130 is perfect for beginners, but if you want to go for our best sellers, choose the Nature Wax C3 or Golden Wax 464.
    • Pillar Soy Wax: This type of soy wax comes with extra additives to make the candle structure more rigid, so it can stand on its own, without the need of any vessel. To start off, go for the EcoSoya Pillar Soy Wax Blend.
    • Soy Paraffin Blend, Gel Wax and Nature Wax C6 with Soy or Coconut Blend are other candle waxes we have available in Singapore.

    2. Don’t forget your scents 

    If you’re looking to create a scented candle, be sure to purchase a bunch of fragrance oils, essential oils or essential oil blends of your choosing alongside your candle wax. Alternatively, create your own blend!

    It’s alright if you don’t know where to start. Why not purchase our DIY candle making kits, which will come with all the necessities you need, pre-chosen for you? Our basic kit already has the essential resources, including candle jars, wicks, holders, fragrance oils, wax and a pictorial step-by-step guide. If you’re looking for a thermometer and pitcher along with these, our complete kit has them all.

    And if you need more guidance, we’re happy to help. You can join our soy candle making workshop in Singapore for a good introduction into this artistic world before you create your own candle. A definite stress buster, you’ll leave our class not only with some amazing tips and tricks on how to make your own candle but also find yourself feeling relaxed after such a therapeutic activity.