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    There are several key things to consider when you shop for candles. Aside from choosing the best scent and aroma, you also need to consider the type of wax that your candles are made of. Different types of wax have different properties that can affect a candle’s overall performance, such as how quickly they burn, and how long the resulting smell lingers. 

    Soy wax is one of the most common varieties of wax used to make candles and is made from 100% natural wax made entirely from soy beans. Here at The Scent Supply Co. we are proud to carry premium quality container soy wax made from 100% soy beans using renewable and eco-friendly materials. Buy the soy wax supplies you need directly from our online store in Singapore; we carry various selections with their own unique qualities such as EcoSoya CB, Kerasoy 4130, Nature Wax C3, GoldenWax Melt & Tart, and our best-selling Golden Wax 464

    Benefits of Choosing Soy Wax

    Are soy candles better than other types of candle wax? Buying soy wax can have some eco-friendly advantages over other types of candle wax on top of soy wax’s unique qualities. It’s also easy to use and handle so if you are planning to start making your own candles at home, make sure to include soy wax on your list. If you still haven’t decided what candle wax to use on your candle making journey in Singapore, these are some of the benefits of soy wax:

    Soy Wax Burns Cleanly and Efficiently

    This type of candle wax burns more slowly than paraffin wax, which makes the scent and the candle itself last longer. While all candles release some black soot as they burn, soy wax candles burn more efficiently and produce less soot.

     Soy Wax is 100% Natural 

    Soy wax includes no artificial ingredients, making it a better option to paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is manufactured from petroleum oil and can emit hazardous byproducts when burnt or melted. Due to the fact that soy wax is non-toxic, it is healthier for the environment and your health.

    Soy Wax Carries Scents Effectively

    Another advantage of using soy wax in candles is that it makes a great aroma carrier and doesn't need chemical amplifications. A balanced, true to scent candle is the end result when you use soy wax supplies. Can’t seem to get enough of our container soy wax? Fret not because Here at The Scent Supply Co. Singapore, we also have our pillar soy waxes that are also of superb quality and beginner-friendly. 

    Buy Container Soy Wax at The Scent Supply Co. Singapore

    From carrying strong scents to healthier ways to burn, we highly recommend choosing soy wax to our customers here at The Scent Supply Co. Singapore. All set for your candle making adventures? Browse and buy more interesting candle wax products online directly on our site to enjoy islandwide delivery in Singapore. . For further inquiries, you can contact us by sending us your message today.