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DIY Candle Making Kits

    There can be a lot of ways to make your space cosier such as adding the perfect pillows, changing up the curtains, or maybe even lighting up a scented candle. Candles are a good way to bring warmth and light into your home while also freshening up the air with a scent that you love. 

    Want to know how to make scented candles by yourself? Our Basic and Complete DIY soy candle making kits here at The Scent Supply Co. are all you need to refresh your surroundings and make your space smell fresh and new. Our high-quality candle making supplies are available for delivery across Singapore.

    How to DIY your own Scented Candles

    Wondering what you need to start making candles at home? Or whether you can even make a candle by yourself? It’s easier than you think thanks to our candle making kits! You can now personalise your own scented candle by making it yourself. 

    There’s no need to fret or worry even if you’re not good with handicrafts – each of our DIY kits includes a detailed instructions sheet with picture illustrations to make the candle making process a breeze. It only takes eight (8) easy steps to complete the whole candle making process and before you know it, you’ll be making your own scented candles like a pro.

    Besides the detailed pictorial instructions, the rest of the DIY candle making kit also includes the following:

    • 464 Soy Wax
    • Candle Jars
    • Candle Stickers
    • Wick Stickers
    • Wick Holders
    • Fragrance Oils
    • Cotton Candle Wicks
    • Thermometer
    • Pitcher
    • Honey Stirrer 

    Order DIY Soy Candle Making Kits from The Scent Supply Co.

    Your search for DIY candle making kits ends here at The Scent Supply Co. because our soy candle making kits are all you need to get started! Our goal is to provide our customers with premium quality yet affordable candle making products so you can feel confident to personalise and DIY your very own candles at home. 

    Not too confident in your candle making skills? We can help you master your skills with our 45-minute build a candle experience. Simply choose your preferred month, date and time and look forward to an amazing session with our expert candle makers. Fret not because we’ll provide all the needed candle making supplies so you just need to turn up ready to create. Shop online today or get in touch with us for more information.