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Eve Votive - Frosted

in Eve Votive

Brighten up your environment with small votive candles. Our Eve Votives are the perfect way to elevate your wedding tables, warm your guest book table, and bring a little something special to each place setting. Each candle will roughly burn for around 15 hours, which are perfect for sample candles! Votive candles are often used as a perfect opportunity to try something new and discover your new favourite scent.

Also Available In: Clear

Pricing - 

1 Pc: $3.90 Per Pc

6 Pc: $2.60 Per Pc ($15.60 Per Pack)

24 Pc: $2.20 Per Pc ($52.80 Per Pack)

60 Pc: $1.90 Per Pc ($114 per pack) 

Product Information - 

Outer Measurements:5.6cm W x 6.6m H  

Inner Diameter: 5.1cm 

Capacity: 85ml 

Wick Recommendations -

Eco Wick: Eco 2

HTP Wick: HTP 104

Wood Wick: 8 x 130mm 

Please note that these recommendations are based on our testings with a scentless soy candle. We always advice our customers to do their own testing as each candle will perform very differently based on the wax, wick and fragrance oil combination used. However the wick recommendations given above will make a good starting gauge.

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