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Gail Vessel - Frosted | Candle Container

in Gail Vessel

Gail is a medium size candle vessel from our classic range, and is great for setting a chic mood. The transparent clear base at bottom of the jar elevates the candle and gives it a very classy polish look.

If you're looking to make a set of candles, the Gail Vessel goes well with its elder sibling, the Tara Vessel in Glossy Black.

Also Available In: Glossy Black, Glossy White, Clear

Pricing - 

1 Pc: $4.20 Per Pc 

6 Pc: $3.90 Per Pc ($23.40 Per Pack) 

24 Pc: $3.30 Per Pc ($79.20 Per Pack) 

60 Pc: $2.50 Per Pc ($150 Per Pack) 

Product Information - 

Outer Measurements: 6.9cm W x 8.3cm H

Inner Diameter: 6.5cm

Capacity: 225ml 

Wick Recommendations -

Eco Wick: Eco 6

HTP Wick: HTP 136 

Wood Wick: 16 x 130mm

Please note that these recommendations are based on our testings with a scentless soy candle. We always advice our customers to do their own testing as each candle will perform very differently based on the wax, wick and fragrance oil combination used. However the wick recommendations given above will make a good starting gauge. 

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