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Maya Vessel - Matte White | Candle Container


The Maya Vessel is a beautiful electroplated candle jar that feature’s this season’s hottest rose gold. This luxurious candle jar is the perfect addition to any room in your home. Its rich rose gold interior finish will complement any decor, plus the flat bottom design and easy-to-hold shape makes this candle jar a standout choice.

Also available in: Matte Black

Pricing - 

1 Pc: $5.50 Per Pc

6 Pc: $4.90 Per Pc ($29.40 Per Pack)

24 Pc: $4.40 Per Pc ($105.60 Per Pack)

60 Pc: $3.90 Per Pc ($234 per pack) 

Product Information - 

Outer Measurements: 8.7cm W x 9.9cm H

Inner Diameter: 8cm

Capacity: 400ml 

Wick Recommendations -

Eco Wick: Eco 16 

HTP Wick: HTP 1312

Wood Wick: 24 x 130mm

Please note that these recommendations are based on our testings with a scentless soy candle. We always advice our customers to do their own testing as each candle will perform very differently based on the wax, wick and fragrance oil combination used. However the wick recommendations given above will make a good starting gauge. 

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