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Wax - EcoSoya CB-Advanced

in All Wax , Container Soy Wax Supplies in Singapore

Say goodbye to the days of frosted candles with EcoSoya CB-Advanced! This candle wax has been specially formulated for use in container candles, and offers virtually zero frosting, excellent scent throw, excellent glass adhesion and a long burning time that your customers will love.

Trust us, the EcoSoya CB-Advanced will honestly make your life and candle making journey so much easier. 

Benefits - 

  • The EcoSoya CB Advanced wax is extremely resistant to frosting, and produces very beautiful frost-free container candles 
  • This technologically advanced wax formula eliminates the need for additives and produces a consistent quality batch after batch, leaving you with the confidence that your candles will always cure perfectly 
  • High performing wax that helps to keep the fragrance evenly distributed, have smooth surfaces, great glass adhesion.
  • Gives amazing colour retention, meaning your candle will look vibrant with little colour change over time.

Details - 

Melt Point: 155°F
Recommended Fragrance Oil Load: 8 - 10%
Recommended Temp To Add FO To Melted Wax: 155°F
Recommended Pour Temp: 145°F (+/- 5°)

Waxes can perform differently depending on the climate. Based on our testing, this is what we find works best for tropical climates. We always advice our customers to conduct their own testing as waxes can work differently based on the candle wicks or fragrance oil used. 

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