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Wax - Kerasoy 4130


Kerasoy 4130 Container Wax is a soy wax blend specifically developed for the production of container candles. Produced in the UK, this 100% soy wax is smooth and easy to use. This is one of our favourite wax for making candles, and is frequently used by the Scent Supply Co team during our candle making workshops. We personally love it as it cures very quickly, yet still produces a very smooth surface with rarely any sinkholes. If you're a beginner to candle making, we recommend you try this! 

Benefits -

  • biodegradable + vegan friendly
  • 100% soy wax, produced in UK, with soy taken only from ethical suppliers that do not contribute to deforestation
  • sets well and offers a tremendously smooth top
  • adhere well to glass containers
  • extremely easy to use and beginner friendly

Details -

Melt Point: 145°F
Recommended Fragrance Oil Load: 8%
Recommended Temp To Add FO To Melted Wax: 145°F
Recommended Pour Temp: 135°F (+/- 5°)

Waxes can perform differently depending on the climate. Based on our testing, this is what we find works best for tropical climates. We always advice our customers to conduct their own testing as waxes can work differently based on the candle wicks or fragrance oil used. 

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