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Wax - Nature Wax C3 | Candle Wax



We are left with the final 10kg of Nature Wax C3, and unfortunately, due to significant cost increases, we will not be restocking this wax as the selling price would have become prohibitively high, and was unsustainable to continue selling.

To better serve our customers, we have switched to a new wax supplier from the UK and would like to recommend Kerasoy 4130 as a substitute. This wax is not only cheaper, priced at $295 per 20kg carton, but also performs well, yielding much smoother finishes compared to the C3 wax. We use it in our candle-making workshops and are very happy with the results!

Please drop us a WhatsApp message at +65 81298381 if you would like to request for a sample of Kerasoy 4130 soy wax to try. 

NatureWax C3 is a 100% soy wax blend used for premium container candles. NatureWax C3 is designed by Chemists and produced in the USA by Cargill. Easy to work with, Nature Wax C3 has good adhesion and a strong scent throw. 

Benefits -

  • A soy wax that is used by professional candle maker around the world
  • Has the best fragrance throw on the market with both fragrance and essential oils
  • Good adhesion to containers, and superb colour retention
  • Candles produced with this wax have a soft, creamy white appearance

Details  -

Melt Point: 175°F
Recommended Fragrance Oil Load: 8% or lower
Recommended Temp To Add FO To Melted Wax: 170°F
Recommended Pour Temp: 160°F (+/- 5°)

Waxes can perform differently depending on the climate. Based on our testing, this is what we find works best for tropical climates. We always advice our customers to conduct their own testing as waxes can work differently based on the candle wicks or fragrance oil used. 

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