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Wax - Nature Wax C6 (Soy / Coconut Blend)

in All Wax , Other Wax

NatureWax C6 is a high quality coconut soy wax suitable for container candles. This 100% natural wax is a blend of soy wax and coconut wax, made from natural ingredients like soybean and coconut oil. You can expect to pour a wax that is natural, smooth and creamy in appearance while functioning perfectly in container candles.

Benefits - 

  • Adhesive very well to the sides of the jar
  • Produces a smooth top + has a beautiful creamy, white finish
  • Superb scent throw

Details - 

Melt Point: 180°F
Recommended Fragrance Oil Load: 6 - 8%
Recommended Temp To Add FO To Melted Wax: 175°F
Recommended Pour Temp: 165°F (+/- 5°)

Waxes can perform differently depending on the climate. Based on our testing, this is what we find works best for tropical climates. We always advice our customers to conduct their own testing as waxes can work differently based on the candle wicks or fragrance oil used. 

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