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Wicks - Eco 12

in Eco Wicks

Our new Eco Wicks offer an unbeatable combination of qualities that make them perfect for all candle makers. They are completely lead and zinc free, reducing carcinogens, and come coated with natural vegetable wax instead of paraffin or other chemically treated solutions. This allows makers to market their candles as all natural. 

The flat cotton wicks are braided with thin paper threads to give them a rigid structure, and features such as self trimming minimise mushrooming and ensure a long candle life.

They are recommended for both Soy Paraffin + Soy Wax.


Wick Length: 15.24cm

Metal Tab Base: 2cm

Metal Tab Height: 0.6cm

Estimated Burn Diameter: 7.5cm

The wick's burn was tested by the Scent Supply Co team, using 100% soy wax (golden wax 464) and no fragrance oil. We advice all makers to conduct their own testing as a wick's burn diameter will differ according to the other components of the candle, such as the wax and fragrance oil used. 

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