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Wood Wicks - 24 x 130mm

SKU CS-WICK-W2413005
in Wood Wicks

You are on your way to creating a warmer vibe when using wooden wicks for your candles. Your customers will surely be intrigued by these wooden-wick candles’ unique attributes, such as its classic yet enthralling style, and its alluring sound. Our wooden-wick candles exude a unique design that perfectly mimics an outdoor campfire. What’s more, they also throw a better scent and a natural smell when burning. And because they are trimmed correctly, you can be sure that there is no additional smoke accumulation in your home.

They are recommended for Soy Wax. 


Wick Length: 2.4cm

Wick Height: 13cm

Metal Tab Base: 1.3cm L x 1.5cm W

Metal Tab Height: 1cm

Estimated Burn Diameter: 8.5cm

The wick's burn was tested by the Scent Supply Co team, using 100% soy wax (golden wax 464) and no fragrance oil. We advice all makers to conduct their own testing as a wick's burn diameter will differ according to the other components of the candle, such as the wax and fragrance oil used. 

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