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Colour Dye - Sapphire Blue * | Candle Dye

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About Our Candle Dye Chips  

  • Our candle dye chips are imported from USA and is extremely easy to use
  • Each pack contains dye chips that are sufficient to colour approximately 2 to 2.5kg of wax. Our dyes works well in both soy & soy paraffin wax
  • You can lighten or darken the colours by using more or less dye chips. You can also purchase different colours to create your own unique colour variation.

How To Use Candle Dye Chips?

This is what we recommend based on our experience. We advise you conduct your own research and testing as results will vary based on different factors

1. Once your wax is melted (this should be around 185 degree F/ 85 degree C), add the desired amount of dye chips into the wax and stir to allow it to dissolve. We usually use half a teaspoon to colour 100g of wax.

2. The colours will appear a lot darker in liquid form so we advice you to drip a couple of drops onto white paper to get a more accurate representation of the colour

3. Leave the wax to cool

* Caution - Do not ingest the dye chips and keep it away from children and pets. Gloves are advised to avoid colouring your skin

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