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Premium Fiber Reed Diffuser Stick (Natural)

in Home Fragrance Supplies , New

Possibly the most important component of any reed diffuser, the reed diffuser sticks! We've tested multiple options over the past couple of years, and our personal findings conclude that fiber reed diffuser sticks diffuse scents the best. And here's why. 

Fiber reed diffuser sticks are made from fiber threads, which make them very absorbent and able to diffuse scent stronger than their rattan or bamboo reed diffuser stick counterparts. These reed sticks are manufactured, and we have specifically designed our reeds to ensure uniform porosity distribution which helps ensure that the oil is distributed evenly throughout the reed.

And if you like the natural look that bamboo or rattan reed diffuser sticks give, we're happy to share that our Premium Fiber Reed Diffuser Sticks in Natural give off the same effect!

Available In: Natural, Black 

Size: 3mm W x 250mm H

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