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Premium Reed Diffuser Base

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Make your own reed diffusers at home with our new premium reed diffuser base! All you have to do is to add your favorite candle fragrance to the base, mix (or shake) the mixture thoroughly, pour into your diffuser glassware, before adding in fiber sticks to allow the scent to diffuse out! 

Based on our testings, we recommend that a 30 - 50% ratio of fragrance oil should be added to the diffuser base. If you are using Scent Supply Co fragrance oils, you can start with this recommendation based on the scent intensity level. As a general rule of thumb, scents with a lower intensity rating (e.g. 1-3) would require more fragrance oil and less diffuser base, while scents with a higher intensity rating (e.g. 4-5) would require less fragrance oil and more diffuser base. 

Scent Intensity Rating Recommendations 

Rating 1 of 5: 50% FO vs 50% diffuser base 

Rating 2 of 5: 45% FO vs 55% diffuser base

Rating 3 of 5: 40% FO vs 60% diffuser base

Rating 4 of 5: 35% FO vs 65% diffuser base

Rating 5 of 5: 40% FO vs 60% diffuser base 


Please note: The diffuser base may permanently stain or damage surfaces if prolonged contact is made. We recommend placing the diffuser on an elevated surface such as a tray or mat to avoid direct contact with surfaces. Store the product safely away from children or pets. We always advise our customers to conduct their own testing in order to achieve optimal results. 

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