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Premium Unscented Room Spray Base

in Home Fragrance Supplies , New

You asked, and we'll deliver! Introducing the Premium Unscented Room Spray Base. An extremely easy to you base to help scent your space with your favorite smell - be it your room, pillow, toilets - anything, really! 

To you it, all you have to do is to add the fragrance oil to the base, mix (or shake) the mixture thoroughly, and you're done! No emulsifier will be needed with this base as well. 

Based on our testings, we recommend adding 5 - 10% of fragrance oil to the base (depending on how strong you'd like the scent to be). 


Please note: Please note that when using on any clothing or cloth material, please test a small amount to ensure the fragrance oil used in the base does not cause discoloration or staining. The staining typically comes from the fragrance oils (especially oils that are more orange or yellow in color!) Store the product safely away from children or pets. We always advise our customers to conduct their own testing in order to achieve optimal results. 

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