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Vanilla + Cocoa Butter


Vanilla + Cocoa Butter is a warm, gourmand fragrance that's perfect for the colder months. The blend of vanilla and patchouli transports you to a cozy cocoon, while cocoa butter and mint provide an invigorating counterpoint. 

Top - Cocoa Butter  

Middle - Patchouli 

Base - Vanilla 

Blends Well With: Sea Salt Coastal Driftwood

Scent Intensity Rating* : 4 of 5

* With the nature of eCommerce products, we understand how difficult it can sometimes be to envision how a scent smells like, in order to create a true and careful expectation of it. This prompted us to create our scent intensity rating system to allow our customers to better envision their purchase. The intensity of this scent is calculated against our entire fragrance oil product range to give an indicative measure of where it stands.

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