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Cotton Wick Tab - 2.4mm


Do you have a cotton wick and have been throwing the excess wick away? If so, don't! We have made it possible for you to reuse the cotton wick by offering metal tabs to help you hold the wick in place. These metal tabs are made out of high quality iron and come to you at an affordable price.

We are now excited to share that we also offer a value pack, where you can get extra savings when purchasing the metal tabs in larger quantities.

Size -

Dimension: 2cm L x 0.6cm H

Opening: 2.4cm 

To Use - 

  • Insert the cotton wick into the opening hole on the cotton wick tab, and use pliers to secure

Recommended Size Guide - 

2.4cm: HTP 73, HTP 93, Eco 2, Eco 4

3cm: HTP 104, HTP 105, Eco 6, Eco 10, Eco 12 

3.4cm: HTP 136, HTP 1212, HTP 1312, Eco 14, Eco 16

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