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Wicks - CDN 18

in Candle Wicks , Sale

CDN wicks are flat braid made out of cotton fibres. They have been treated with a special patent-pending chemical treatment They have a paper core for rigibility, and are zinc and lead free, acid resistant. These flat braid wicks are made from pure cotton with a paper core for rigidity. You can use these wicks in most waxes wax blends such as palm/soy or beeswax/soy candles.

Estimated Burn Diameter: 8.0 - 8.5 cm

The wick's burn was tested by the Scent Supply Co team, using 100% soy wax (golden wax 464) and no fragrance oil. We advice all makers to conduct their own testing as a wick's burn diameter will differ according to the other components of the candle, such as the wax and fragrance oil used. 

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